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  Almond Crème caramel

  Almond shortbread cookies

  American cheesecake

  Anise Doughnuts

  Apple crisp

  Apple walnut cake


  Bienmesabe (Canarian almond cream)

  Bolivian cheese bread

  Brownie topped with white chocolate cream.

  Butter cookies

  Camotes enmielados (Sweet potato in Mexican unrefined cane sugar syrup)

  Cantabrian Cheesecake

  Cantaloupe melon smoothie and fresh cheese

  Caramel-coated almonds

  Caramelized Jijona cream

  Caramelized sobao toast with apple jelly and muscovado sugar

  Carrot Cake

  Carrot, orange and honey juice


  Catalan Custard

  Catalan coffee cream on Oreo biscuit base

  Cheese and honey custard

  Chilean Bread

  Chilean pumpkin and sweet potato doughnuts

  Chocolate Crunchies and Nuts

  Chocolate and pistachio cookies

  Chocolate bark with candied orange and dried cranberries

  Chocolate coffee truffles

  Chocolate créme caramel

  Chocolate pastry cream

  Chocolate pound cake base

  Chocolate pudding

  Chocolate truffles with mature rum

  Christmas Yule log

  Cinnamon Pastries

  Classic Spanish Rice Pudding

  Cocoa haupia pie

  Coconut custard

  Coffee and cheese crème caramel

  Coffee custard

  Cream and vanilla custard

  Creamy Apple Tart


  Currusquillos (Cinnamon cookies from Cadiz)

  Dominican Pumpkin and Coconut Egg Flan

  Dominican coconut and honey balls

  Dominican style coconut cream

  Dominican sweet cream of beans

  English Cream

  Foster Bananas

  Fresh chilean pica lemon cheese cake

  Fried custard squares

  Fruit skewers with hot chocolate sauce

  Greek yogurt cream with vanilla and currant coulis

  Green Banana Tostones

  Halloween recipes - Brownie coffin with red fruits and licorice soup

  Halloween recipes - Halloween mini sweet wheat tortillas

  Halloween recipes - Merengue bones and ghosts

  Halloween recipes - Phantom pumpkin crème caramels

  Halloween recipes - Pumpkin cheesecake

  Halloween recipes - Pumpkin cheesecake with chocolate base


  Hojarascas’ cake with peach, caramel and almonds

  Homemade Brownies

  Ice cream cookie cake


  Lemon Pudding

  Lemon Scented cookies from Extremadura

  Mango and fennel sorbet

  Mascarpone cheese crème caramel with honey

  Mexican-style corn cake

  Miguelitos de la Roda (Castilian puff pastry and cream dessert)

  Mint chocolate fondue

  Orange custard


  Pasiegan Sobao

  Pastry Cream

  Peaches in red wine

  Pears in red wine compote

  Pears in red wine sauce with melted chocolate dip

  Pecan Pie

  Red berry tepid soup with white chocolate mousse

  Red fruit gelatin with greek yogurt cream

  Sacher cake

  Saint John’s cake with custard cream and pine nuts

  Spanish Cupcakes

  Spanish marzipan figures

  Spanish-Style Nougat Candy

  Spice - Infused custard

  Sponge cake for piononos

  Sponge cake with egg white chocolate frosting

  St. James´ Cake

  Sweet Empanadas

  Three milk cake

  Tiles and cigarettes from Tolosa (butter biscuits)

  Toasted egg yolk nougat

  Tocinillo de cielo (Pressure cooker)

  Traditional American Apple Pie

  Traditional Spanish Churros

  Traditional Three kings bread

  Traditional egg custard

  Vanilla cream roll horns

  Venezuelan-style curdled sweet milk

  Warm apple pie

  Warm fruity flavored ginger soup

  White chocolate mousse with lime

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