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Main course

  Andalucian eggplant stew with poached eggs

  Asturian bean stew

  Asturian deep fried monkfish

  Baked Eggs with Summer Vegetables

  Beef Stroganoff

  Beef entrecôte with sautéed onions

  Biscayan style cod

  Bratwurts sausages with Tex-Mex Barbecue sauce

  Brunswick chicken stew

  Cabrales/Tresviso cheese fondue

  Cajun Deep-Fried Thanksgiving Turkey

  Cajun style Seabass fillets en papillote with vegetables

  Canary beans Tacu-tacu with sautéed onion, chicken and vegetables

  Cantabrian hake casserole

  Cantabrian stew with monkfish, clams and seaweed green sauce

  Cantabrian style cod

  Chairo Paceño (Bolivian bean soup)

  Chicken Cacciatore

  Chicken Chileatole

  Chicken Nuggets

  Chicken Sajta

  Chicken gumbo with andouille sausages

  Chicken in almond sauce

  Chicken puff pastry with mustard mayonnaise and aromatic herbs

  Chicken thighs cooked with pineapple, raisins and rum

  Chicken vegetable Stir-fry

  Chicken with Mushroms and Balsamic Vinegar

  Chicken with paprika (Campurriano)

  Chickpea stew with cod and spinach

  Chilean Omelette

  Chilean pasta and white bean soup

  Cider house cod omelette


  Coated mackerel loins with eggplant marinade

  Cocido Montañés (Cantabrian Hearty bean Stew)

  Coconut, banana and orange pancakes

  Cod Confit over Creamy Pepper Sauce

  Cod and leek brandade

  Cod brandade glass with cucumber and black olive tapenade

  Cod confit with garlic on a bed of cauliflower and pine nuts

  Cod with pil pil sauce

  Cod with potatoes, spinach and eggs

  Costa Rican Gallo Pinto

  Dark beer chicken stew

  Dill marinated Salmon

  Dominican Rice with pigeon peas

  Dominican chicken locrio

  Dominican style fried chicken

  Donostian style Txangurro

  Donostiarra fish soup

  Duck Magret with P.X.’s wine sauce filling and berries

  Duck magret in pineapple sauce, honey and sesame

  Duck magret with mango sauce and Spanish sherry wine

  Duck, apple and mushroom Yakitori

  Eggplants stuffed with tuna and O’Cebreiro cheese

  Extremaduran Lamb stew

  False Beef Tenderloin Stew "A la Cordobesa"

  Felafel, chickpeas croquettes

  French fries topped with scrambled eggs, chicken and vegetables.

  Galician Style Hake

  Galician pork shoulder stew with turnip greens

  Galician tuna and O Cebreiro cheese pie

  Gallo pinto, Nicaraguan rice and beans

  Glazed ham with mustard and honey

  Goat in garlic

  Green chicken enchiladas

  Grilled Ox entrecote with foie gras custardand spicy pineapple

  Grilled Spinach Stuffed Swordfish

  Grilled beef and Iberian secret pork Hamburger

  Grilled chicken and mango burgers with curry sauce

  Grilled lamb burgers with mushrooms and tzatziki sauce

  Grilled pork chops in ginger plum sauce

  Grilled sardines with mustard marinade, strawberries and watermelon

  Grilled squid with yellow pepper vinaigrette

  Ground beef stuffed eggplant

  Grouper fillet with red shrimps sauce

  Grouper in coconut sauce

  Guanaco casserole

  Gypsy-Style Eggplants

  Hake loins en papillote with vegetables and saffron butter

  Hake with cava, spinach and clams

  Hake with clams in parsley wine sauce

  Hare stew with chocolate

  Herb Roasted Turkey

  Homemade hamburgers with a spicy touch

  Iberian pig sirloin steak with cava in a pressure cooker

  Iberian prey with extremenan Torta del Casar Cheese


  Lamb & Orange Tagine

  Lamb Sephardic adafina

  Lamb Vindaloo

  Lamb moussaka with mushrooms

  Lamb satay with peanut sauce

  Lamb stew with red wine and green beans couscous

  Lebaniegan chickpea stew

  Low temperature roasted pork ribs

  Madrilean chickpea stew

  Marinated dogfish

  Meat and olive oil fondue


  Mexican pizza with Oaxaca cheese

  Mexican ranch style eggs

  Monkfish Chilpachole and shrimps

  Monkfish in saffron sauce, with clams and mussels

  Normandy-style pork tenderloin with black pudding

  Ocopa Arequipeña

  Oxtail "A la Cordobesa"

  Oxtail Stew

  Pan-seared salmon with creamy dill sauce

  Partridge stew

  Patagonian deer stew

  Peppers stuffed with seafood, O´Cebreiro cheese and seaweed sauce

  Peruvian Grouper Stew

  Peruvian Omelette

  Peruvian layered potato and beetroot with chicken

  Peruvian leg of lamb

  Peruvian turkey Cau Cau

  Pickled partridge

  Pickled partridge with black truffle

  Piquillo peppers stuffed with hake and txangurro

  Piquillo peppers stuffed with stewed meat

  Poached Salmon in Yogurt Dijon Mustard Sauce

  Pork Bratwurst sausages with Mediterranean garnish

  Pork chop stew

  Pork chops with poblano chile sauce

  Pork picadillo cakes

  Potatoes with spicy sauce based on tomato

  Poultry bratwurts sausages with Tropical salsa

  Pressure Cooker Salmon Steaks in White Wine

  Quinoto with monkfish, spinaches and mushrooms

  Rabbit in Salmorejo Sauce (Canarian recipe)

  Red Pozole with chicken

  Red bean stew

  Red tuna poke with pineapple and tamarind vinaigrette

  Rioja Style codfish

  Roast beef

  Roast loin of Venison

  Roasted Christmas Capon with Chesnut and Foie

  Roasted eggplants stuffed with coated cod and spicy tomato syrup

  Roasted heifer entrecote with Cajun spices

  Roasted sea bream baked on a bed of baked potatoes

  Ropa vieja* with tomato

  Rota Style sea bream

  Salmon in leek, zucchini and spinach cream

  Salmon loin with araucaria pine nut sauce and merken

  Salmorejo mojo monkfish over zucchini ratatouille and seaweed tartar

  Salt baked pork loin

  Salt roasted seabass in three vinaigrette sauce

  Sardines with tomato vinaigrette and chili peppers

  Seabass and scallop ceviche

  Sesame crusted tuna loins, green sauce and clams

  Shrimp Omelette

  Shrimp linguini in spicy creamy sauce

  Sirloin in Lebaniegan pomace and picón Bejes-Tresviso cheese sauce

  Skrei Cod, Koskera style

  Smoked chilean trout wrap

  Southwestern beef stew

  Soy-ginger marinated pork tenderloin

  Spanish Chilindron Stew

  Spanish Potato Omelette

  Spanish Potato Omelette filled with Tomato, Ham and Cheese

  Spanish Potato Omelette paysanne

  Spanish style veal tripe

  Spicy pressure cooker carnitas

  Steamed salmon bites with dilled leek and Broccoli

  Stew of Native potatoes from Chiloe with Italian sausages from Chillán

  Stewed barn young pigeon

  Stewed chicken with grapes and cava

  Stewed chicken with mushrooms and Pedro Ximenez sherry

  Stir fried beef Tenderloin in peruvian Huancaína sauce

  Stuffed and braised partridges with cranberry compote

  Stuffed poularde

  Stuffed trout with Spanish ham and Roncal Cheese

  Stuffed turkey breast

  Suckling lamb stew with chili chipotle sauce

  Sweet and spicy red bean stew

  Tuna steaks with Bicolor tomato salad

  Turkey meatballs in sweet and sour sauce

  Turkey sirloin with orange sweet and sour sauce and pomegranate

  Valencian style paella

  Vegetable Tortillas with Pink Bechamel Sauce

  Venison stew

  Wellington sirloin

  Wok Stir-fried sirloin with sweet and sour sauce

  Wok-seared chilean chicken stew

  Young lamb sweetbreads with onion, boletus and pine

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