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First course

   Pressure cooker risotto with vegetables and bacon

   Black ink cuttlefish with rice

   Chilean chicken and corn stuffed pancakes

   Endive and Pomegranate salad

   Poached Chiloé Oysters escalfadas with citrus fruits, soya and coriander


   Tilapia wok with sautéed vegetables and powdered red garlic

   Vegetable escalivada with boquerones and anchovies

   Vegetarian paella

  "More Better" Paella

  Alicante Tomato Soup

  Almond soup

  Anchovy stew

  Araucanian eggs Flamenco Style

  Artichokes with clams

  Au gratin salad

  Bacon and mushroom breakfast casserole

  Battered Fish Tacos

  Black beans and rice

  Bolivian Cheese Humacha

  Bolivian Chicken salad

  Bolivian Pickled vegetables

  Bolivian Pique Macho

  Boston style Baked Beans

  Broccoli, bacon and raisin salad

  Cabbage salad or Coleslaw

  Cachón with black rice

  Calamari in tomato and white wine sauce

  Canarian wrinkly potatoes with mojo sauce

  Cantabrian sea tuna with coffee mojo sauce and seaweed salad

  Castilian Style Garlic Soup

  Castilian rice and meat

  Castillian Crayfish in spicy tomato sauce

  Chicken Potato Soup with Spinach

  Chicken Sancocho Stew

  Chicken Soup with Rice and Vegetables

  Chicken Waldorf salad

  Chicken, apple and pepper brochette with mango fennel sauce

  Chickpeas in Garlic Sauce

  Chilean Flamenco style baked eggs

  Chilean beet and goat cheese salad in Yogurt Vinaigrette sauce

  Chilean chicken and rice with fresh corn

  Chilean seafood chowder

  Chilean steak with caramelized onion and mushroom sauce

  Chilean style sorrentinos filled with foie, mushrooms and cheese.

  Chili con Carne

  Cincinatti Chili

  Clams with coriander

  Cobb salad

  Cod and cauliflower paella

  Cod and orange salad

  Cod, Potatoe and Octopus salad.

  Codfish beignets with sage

  Cold cream of pea, celery and basil soup

  Consommé & Consommé Royale

  Crab avocado salad with Wasabi vinaigrette sauce

  Cream of fish and seafood

  Creamy Chicken and Sweet corn soup

  Creamy Rice With Monkfish, Fresh Shrimp and Squid Infused with sea urchins Scent

  Crustry rice

  Cured rolls stuffed with mushrooms, fresh cheese and nuts

  Dominican rice and shrimp stew

  Dominican stuffed bulgur rolls

  Duck confit over french onion soup

  Escribano Arequipeño

  Express Russian salad

  Fettuccine with Portobello Mushrooms and Peppers

  Fish Cake

  Foie salad with red fruits and pistachio vinaigrette

  Fondue chilean kebabs

  Fresh tuna tartar salad in basil vinaigrette

  Fried Chicken

  Fruit chicken stir fry in sweet Pajarete Chilean wine

  Galician Hake Caldeirada

  Galician style tripe stew with Chickpeas

  Garlic Soup

  Golden tacos stuffed with chicken, vegetables and mushrooms

  Gorda Sandwich

  Gratineéd Brussels sprouts

  Gratinéed pumpkin cake with spinaches

  Green (String) Bean and Potato Soup

  Green broad beans, young garlic and Trevélez ham omelette

  Grilled Lobster Tails with Basil Butter

  Grilled asparagus with Bejes-Tresviso cheese

  Grilled pizza wraps

  Grilled prawns with nut oil and curry powder

  Halloween recipes - Chicken snakes on a branch

  Ham and cheese french toast

  Italian Style Spaguetti

  Lamb Cochifrito with curry sauce

  Leek potato soup

  Lentil stew

  Lobster Stew

  Manchegan Ratatouille

  Marinated salmon, Gravlax

  Mediterranean Calamari Salad

  Mexican Cochinita Pibil

  Mexican Michi broth

  Mexican Tarascan soup

  Mixed paella

  Mollusk Ceviche

  Monkfish and prawn salad in chili pepper vinaigrette with seaweed tartar

  Monkfish, scallop and seaweed stuffed shells

  Muffuletta Sandwich

  Mushroom frittata with cheddar cheese

  Mussels in Thai curry sauce

  New England Clam Chowder

  Noodle Paella


  Papalisa ají

  Pasta Carbonara Omelette

  Peas cream with clams, mint and croutons

  Peruvian Black Bean Pudding

  Peruvian Chicken and rice

  Peruvian Spicy Creamed Chicken

  Peruvian Style fried rice

  Picante de Llaita

  Pinto Beans Stew

  Pisca Andina ( Venezuelan Potatoe and Cheese Soup)

  Pizza dough

  Poached oysters in camomile and iberian grease

  Pork loin sandwiches with bacon and bell peppers

  Pork stew with mature rum and orange sauce

  Portobello mushroom Frittata with onion and wild asparagus

  Potatoe Salad from Cádiz

  Potatoes in Red Wine

  Potatoes with chorizo and merquén

  Potatoes with cuttlefish

  Potatoes with green sauce, cod cheeks and clams

  Pressure cooker risotto with pumpkin and carrot

  Puff pastry filled with seafood avocado salad

  Pumpkin cream with carrot and prawns

  Queen avocado

  Red Lentil Soup

  Red Pepper Chutney

  Red beans and rice

  Rice "A Banda"

  Rice with Amanita Ponderosa and Iberian ham

  Rice with Lobster

  Rice with clams

  Rice with rabbit, chicken and vegetables

  Roasted Tomato Soup with Rosemary

  Roasted eggplants stuffed with coated cod and spicy tomato syrup

  Roasted green asparagus with mushrooms, bacon and pine nuts

  Sardines stuffed with vegetables, cheese and aromatic herbs

  Scrambled eggs with blood sausage and Piquillo peppers

  Seafood Paella

  Shortbread pastry

  Shrimp Ceviche

  Shrimp Creolé

  Shrimp Pil- Pil (Sizzling Shrimp)

  Shrimp baby eels and vegetable stir fry with soy sauce

  Shrimp, apricot and avocado tacos in chipotle chili sauce

  Skillet eggs

  Smoked cod with black olive and almond vinaigrette

  Solterito, salad from Arequipe

  Spaghetti Carbonara

  Spanish Omelette

  Spanish tuna casserole

  Spinach & cheese souffle

  Stewed Iberian pork cheeks

  Stewed lentils with pickled partridge

  Stuffed chard stalks

  Stuffed zucchini with mushroom and mango creamy rice

  Sweetbread and vegetable stew in beef jerky cream

  Tepid green beans salad with wild asparagus

  Terrine de foie gras mi-cuit

  Thistle cream with pine nuts and scallops

  Thistle with almond sauce and ham

  Tlalpeño Soup

  Tomato pumpkin and marinated salmon Salmorejo

  Tomato soup with mussels

  Topinambour sautéed with Andean Serrano ham and cilantro butter

  Tuna, prawns and strawberries brochette

  Turkey enchiladas with vegetables on bean sauce

  Vegan Vegetable Chop suey with rice noodles

  Vegan vegetable fajitas

  Vegetable Soup

  Vegetable cous-cous in creamy pea and asparagus sauce

  Vegetarian Lentil Soup

  Vichyssoise cream with mint

  Warm tomato, tuna and anchovy salad

  Warm vegetable salad topped with caramelized foie-gras

  White Asparagus in Creamy green Asparagus and beef jerky sauce

  White bean soup with clams

  Wok stir-fried noodles with chicken and mushrooms

  Yellow potatoes with monkfish

  Young gentleman´s rice

  Zucchini risotto with wild asparagus and saffron

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