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  Alcohol free sangria

  Apple, kale, kiwi and matcha juice

  Asparagus Frites with Alioli Sauce

  Asparagus Spinach Salad with Caramelized Onions

  Banana bread

  Basic Fish Stock

  Beef Stock

  Bloody Mary with oysters

  Bloody Smoothie

  Blue Cheese Stuffed Prunes Wrapped In Bacon

  Blueberry compote with Pedro Ximenez

  Blueberry sauce

  Cajun condiment

  Canned Belgian pickles with serrano peppers

  Cava sangria

  Cheese Pudding

  Cheese cream with avocado and salmon

  Chicken "Rabas" with onion and curry mayonnaise sauce

  Chicken panini with carrot, corncob and curry

  Chickpea Puree - Hummus

  Chilean creamy cheese beef empanadas

  Chimichurri sauce


  Colombian Ahogao

  Cornbread dressing

  Corncob cream with foie and duck ham


  Cream of leek and avocado

  Creamed Vegetable Soup With Blue Cheese

  Crispy Pan-Fried Chicken Wings in Spicy Buffalo Sauce

  Crispy prawns with wakame seaweed and wasabi vinaigrette

  Dill yogurt pumpkin cream

  Dominican Piña Colada

  Dominican style Mashed Plantains

  Eggplant cream, Mtabbal bathenjan

  Eggplant stuffed with Iberian ham and O Cebreiro cheese

  Extremenan-style chilled cream of Asparagus with Iberian ham

  Filloas (Galician style Crepes)

  Fish Stock

  Flaming Galician punch with caramel (Queimada)

  Foie Toast with egg, Iberian ham, grapes and corn

  Galician style white bean soup

  Green olive guacamole

  Green smoothie with spinach, celery and lettuce

  Green tomatillo sauce

  Guacamole Salsa

  Halloween recipes - Cardamom marinated pumpkin and chives

  Halloween recipes - Glazed of honey for Buffalo Wings

  Halloween recipes - Halloween popcorns

  Halloween recipes - Hot dog mummies

  Halloween recipes - Hot dog mummies

  Halloween recipes - Vampire blood (Virgin Sangría)

  Halloween recipes - Vampire wings

  Hazelnut bread

  Herbed Garlic Bread

  Homemade Gazpacho

  Homemade burger buns

  Irish soda bread with seeds and raisins

  Lean meat with tomato

  Llajwa (Bolivian chili sauce)

  Lomi-lomi marinated salmon

  Manchegan Gazpacho

  Mango and Black Bean Salsa

  Mashed potatoes

  Mediterranean-Style Mussels Served with Garlic Baguette

  Mote con huesillos (Chilean boiled wheat with dried peaches)

  Orange smoothie with carrots, apricots and grapefruit

  Peruvian-style mussels

  Pickled dressing for Muffuletta

  Pico de Gallo Sauce

  Pink smoothie with strawberries, redcurrants, banana and coconut milk

  Ponzu sauce

  Poultry Stock

  Pumpkin Yogurt cream of soup

  Purple smoothie with beet, radish and watermelon

  Ranchero Sauce


  Red Smoothie

  Refried beans

  Rice rinds with curry

  Roasted Vegetable Dip

  Sacher Smoothie

  Salmon Cakes

  Salmorejo (Tomato and bread soup) "A la cordobesa"

  Sausage and Cheese Stuffed Jalapeño Peppers

  Shrimp Carpaccio

  Smoked Fish Corn Soup

  Smoked Salmon Rolls

  Spanish Chorizo Fritters

  Spanish ham croquettes

  Spicy Rice Stuffed Mushrooms

  Spicy Tomato Chutney

  Steak tartar

  Summer red wine

  Sundried Tomato Tapenade Bruschetta

  Sweet apple omelette

  Tempura Vegetables with Chili Tamarinds

  Tequila and Cheese Dip

  Tomato based sauce for pizza

  Tomato juice and basil

  Tonkatsu sauce

  Traditional chilean dressing

  Traditional dominican sauce

  Traditional red wine sangria

  Tropical Smoothie

  Tuna Tartar with Bloody Mary

  Tzaziki sauce

  Valencian water

  Veal Stock

  Vegan Smoothie

  Vegetable stock

  Venezuelan Fish Pudding

  White garlic with marinated shrimp and chives tartar

  Xató, Catalán Winter salad

  Yakitori sauce

  Yellow Smoothie with pineapple, plums and ginger

  Zucchini and monkfish sandwiches with cauliflower white garlic

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