A collaboration project between INTERACEITUNA and Extenda which aims at promoting Spanish table olives abroad is currently under way in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.The initiative focuses on three main action plans: public relations events with the media, promotion at points of sale at leading supermarkets, and online interactive actions via social media. As part of the initiative, Spanish chef Enrique Sánchez conducted a series of cooking shows in Bratislava and Prague in mid June where he delighted attendees with the extensive gastronomic potential of olives. The shows also featured interesting education workshops in which nutrition experts lectured participants on the nutritional benefits of Spanish olives.
The promotional activities carried out at POS include olive tastings and special gifts with the purchase of olives and are aimed to establish a direct link between quality and Spain. The project has its own website for the Slovakian public, as well as a Facebook page and Twitter account in which contests and games are carried out regularly.
The Spanish Olives Facebook page in the Czech Republic shows a significant activity, with more than 3,000 friends.

The initiative, launched by the Gipuzkoa-based chef Andoni Luis Aduriz was born from the mere observation of the Spanish spray food market, with a reduced offer limited to whipped cream. The project, “a dream come true” for the popular chef, has counted with the economic support of the Basque Government, responsible for the 53% of the project’s financing. 

The company, focused on three main products for now, churros, pancakes and tempura dough, have already begun to distribute its goods through a leading national supermarket chain.

With a current production of 2,500 cans per hour and a 15-people staff, the objective of New Food Spray, as the young company has been named, is to extend its product range to pastry ingredients, creams, oil and vinegar, as well as to break into the catering industry and conquer foreign markets such as United States, Brazil, Portugal and Angola.

Is there anything more satisfying for a cook than coming across a pan able to excel at browning and searing while making cleaning a breeze?

This stroke of luck is what Corby, a talented and devoted cook from El Dorado, California, has experienced while developing a crust on some delicious Latin Spiced Pork Tenderloins he was cooking for a weekend meal. Not to mention that the pan in question is part of a frittata set, so versatile that before you know it, cooking a Spanish potato omelet for that upcoming friends gathering, or flipping your Sunday’s pancakes in it will be part of a new routine in the house. 

At Magefesa we encourage you to meet Corby and his lovely wife and professional photographer Karen through the inspirational and beautiful blog they have created together. You’ll get instantly hooked!

Read the full article on: WE CALL HIM YES CHEF BLOG

A recent culinary survey carried out by the prominent NYC based publication Newsweek has given as a result the “World’s 101 best places to eat” list. To help them with the task they gathered 53 internationally renowned chefs who voted for their favorite dining spots around the globe.
From the 40 European restaurants that made it into the list, 10 were restaurants in Spain, ranging from relatively unknown Basque eateries to Michelin-starred restaurants like El Celler de Can Roca in Barcelona, which San Francisco culinary icon Thomas McNaughton described as “The most amazing meal of my life. Everything about it, from the ingredients, preparation, execution, and the taste, remains unmatched.”
For readers the list represents a great opportunity to locate some fabulous yet-undiscovered-by -many restaurants alongside popular culinary destinations.

Check out the complete list at

When we were first introduced to Victoria Amory at a fair event in NY, we got instantly captivated by her passion about good food, warm personality and excellent communication skills.
A devoted wife and loving mom to her husband and three boys, Victoria finds joy in developing tasty recipes for those she loves. She writes about food, entertaining and lifestyle for local and national magazines and newspapers such as Quest Magazine, Food & Wine, Miami Herald Home & Design Magazine and  Palm Beach Daily News,  being herself the author of  three books Delicious!, Delicious Flavors and Palm Beach Entertaining.
Born and raised in Spain, Victoria is the daughter of Count and Countess de la Maza, from whom she learnt the ins and outs of home entertaining etiquette, skills she would later mastered by hosting numerous corporate special events and chairing fundraising parties in New York. 
She now lives in Palm Beach, Florida, where she runs her brand new , full of fabulous recipes and valuable information on cooking and lifestyle.
The following “Pressure cooker Lamb and Orange Tagine” is the first of a series of mouthwatering recipes she will be developing for us. Enjoy!

A  UK poll carried out by consumer champions Which? has given San Sebastian, in northern Spain, top marks for its food culture, range of restaurants and its overall qualities as a holiday destination, placing it ahead of  traditionally foodie favorites NY and Paris.

The panel of judges, a collection of food critics and travel writers, gave each destination points in 30 different categories which included the quality and range of food, the gastronomic culture, local markets and the general appeal of the place as a holiday resort.
After looking into the choice at every price range, from Michelin starred restaurants to budget eateries serving local produce, San Sebastian came top with 81 out of 100 followed by Tokyo, Japan with 78 per cent and Sydney, Australia with 77.
As spokesman said: "On holiday, the quality of the food you eat can make all the difference. There’s no quicker route to the heart of a destination than through your stomach. The food you eat and the people you share it with are part of what makes the experience so deliciously memorable."
And it seems the old saying has proved right for San Sebastian this time, being its food scene described as 'fiercely distinct, passionately produced and on the gastronomic cutting edge”.

From September 17th through September 30th, José Andrés and his team at Jaleo restaurant, will allow Washington the opportunity to celebrate the spirit of Spain through with a two-week event featuring master of paella Chef Rafael Vidal, as the special guest this year. 

The Valencia-born chef, famous for his preparation of the dish in the authentic technique over a wood fire, will be creating exciting new paella varieties such as Fideua negra con pulpo, paella of black noodles with octopus and Arroz con col y costillas de cerdo, paella with Ibérico ribs and cauliflower in front of a limited number of guests, who will need to make their reservations at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Additionally, 15 participants will have the opportunity to learn how to make classic paella with Jaleo's Head Chef, Ramón Martínez, who will lead two cooking classes throughout the festival.

Located in the trendy neighborhood of TriBeCa the 17-seat eatery has made it to the elite corps of gastronomic New York in less than a year.
Its owner and executive chef Matthew Lightner, a native of Oregon, was trained in Mugaritz, Basque Country, under the directions of Andoni Luis Aduriz. He participated in the Young Chefs Culinary Scholarship in Spain, an intensive 8-month training program created in 2007 by the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX) in response to the growing international influence of Spanish cuisine.

Since its opening earlier this year, Atera, which only offers 20-plus course tasting menus at $165 per person, has captured the attention of diners and critics alike. Impressed by the modernist cuisine served at Atera, Michelin has awarded two stars to the avant-garde inspired venue in his upcoming 2013 Red restaurant guide for New York City hotels and restaurants.
Lightner “shows a style of cooking that is not only unusual but pretty much unique in New York,” said Michael Ellis, international director for the Michelin Guide, during a phone interview, adding that at Atera “you find food that you will not find anywhere else.”

The popular US magazine has celebrated the 9th edition of its “Top 100 Tasting Event”. The show, which honors those wineries from around the world that delivered the best overall performances in wine and spirits tastings throughout the year, took place on October 17 in San Francisco Bay Area.

Since its inception nine years ago the event has been a success, with Bay Area chefs and local artisanal purveyors serving signature specialties to complement the premier bottlings of the honored wineries.

Five Spanish wine producers from three different regions in Spain were on the list this year. Pago de los Capellanes, from the heart of Rivera de Duero, Mustiguillo from Valencia, and the Riojan López de Heredia, Marqués de Murrieta and RODA.

The "Wineries of the Year" have been profiled in the Winter issue of Wine & Spirits, available on the US news stands since October, 2012

Wine and Spirits Magazine

The Palencia based (Castile-Leon) company, known for its excellent pre-prepared gourmet meats, and renowned Spanish chef José Andrés have joined forces in an interesting gastronomic project that will strengthened the commercial relations between Spain and the United States, the launch of a premium quality Thanksgiving Turkey ready to be eaten after only half an hour in the oven.
"Although we´ve had a similar experience in our country with the Christmas capon, nothing like this has ever been done in the USA”, the Castilian company has explained.

The Cascajares Thanksgiving Turkey, intended to feed ten diners, will be accompanied with the traditional side dishes, such as chestnut puree, mashed potato, apple compote,  and the popular stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy.
In a first experimental phase the company has launched an exclusive production of 1,000 roast turkeys, out for sale since the first week in November at a price of 120 Euros (around $155). Four Euros from the price of each turkey will go to benefit the Prodis Foundation, an organization that helps finance education for mentally disabled youth.

The product will start being commercialized in Europe and the US next year, through Chef Brigade, the factory Cascajares owns in Canada, with current business plans predicting the initial figure will triple in 2013 (3,000) and 2014 (9,000).

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