Spanish chef José Pizarro, owner of critically acclaimed "Tapas Brindisa" in London and the writer of three successful cooking books, will soon launch the UK's first Cava bar just a few blocks away. 
The new restaurant ”Pizarro”, located just a few blocks away from Brindisa will open in late October 2011. The menu will feature traditional Spanish dishes. ‘It’s going to be a true Spanish restaurant with soups and stews. We don’t just eat tapas and paella in Spain!’ said Pizarro in a recent interview.
However, "Pizarro" won’t be just another Spanish restaurant in central London. It will specialize in Cava. ‘I’m sick of people saying Cava is no good. We are used to drinking very good Cavas in Spain but they are not well known in export markets” added Pizarro. It certainly sounds like a promising, innovative idea. 

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