If you enjoy and appreciate the exquisite taste and complex textures of fine cuisine and you are planning to be in Madrid these days, Millesime” is definitely an event not to be missed. 
Celebrated from October 19 through October 21, the annual event will be held at the Pipa Pavilion in Casa de Campo, a unique Exhibition Center with 47,000 m2 of open air space and 40,000m² of indoor space located in the heart of sunny Casa de Campo, a large park only five minutes’ walk from emblematic Plaza de España.
For three days in row, it will bring together professionals from the restaurant and catering industry, renowned sommeliers, cuisine and art enthusiasts and some of the most influential Spanish chefs in today's fine-dining scene. 
This year's featured chefs include popular names such as Martín Berasetegui, Paco Morales, Joan Roca, Nacho Manzano, Paco Roncero, and Pepe Solla, just to name a few. They will be the expert hands behind the menus served those days and will take visitors on an exciting culinary adventure through live food demonstrations and didactic workshops.
The event is expected to catch as much attention as previous editions, which gathered an average of 5,000 visitors and catered as many as 1,500 guests a day.

For more information, visit http://www.millesimemadrid.com

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Under the title “The purple gold of La Mancha” the Wall Street Journal has dedicated an extensive article about Spanish saffron, in particular the one that grows in the fields of Castilla La Mancha, granted Protected Designation of Origin in 2001.

It explains how the Moors, whose influence during the 8th century spread through Iberia and into southern France, are believed to have introduced the saffron crocus into central and southern Spain.

Manchegan saffron differs slightly from other varieties, and is recognized for its unique sweet aroma and vibrant red color. The flowers are picked by hand, the stigmas removed by fingernail and then quickly dried over a heat source like charcoal, a method that helps to retain its fiery flavor.

The article offers expert advice on how to recognize authentic saffron from geneticist Jose Antonio Fernandez, professor at the University of Castilla La Mancha. Saffron has long been a valued commodity, and has subsequently "been adulterated for centuries”.

“One way to ensure you are getting genuine saffron is to restrict purchases to a few European regions whose saffron has received protected geographical status from the European Union, and is marked by a seal”. When in doubt, he adds, "the best thing to do is use turmeric or paprika, which are both far preferable to fake or adulterated saffron”

Experts have high expectations on this year's crop in La Mancha, since 2011 has been "remarkable on both the quality and the quantity of plants, unusually high” says Professor Fernandez.

The land of Don Quixote has become so popular for its production of quality saffron that is now a new tourist attraction thanks to the Saffron Rose Festival. The event is held annually in Consuegra, a small town in the northwest of the region and attended by tourists and food lovers from around the world.

To read the full article, click HERE

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Monday, 23 January 2012 09:42

Gastrofestival arrives in Madrid

For 15 days in a row gastronomy will become the main course of the cultural agenda in the capital city. 

Starting January 23, the festival will pay tribute to the culinary art from multiple perspectives. Over 300 establishments will be involved to cover the vast program, distributed in five areas: Experiencias Sensoriales, Gastrocultura, Madrid Gastronómico, Gastrofashion, Gastrosalud y Enocultura. From menus prepared by international chefs at renowned hotels and restaurants throughout the city to culinary routes and wine tastings, the event will turn Madrid into a great feast for the senses.

On its third edition Gastrofestival introduces some new features. Activities aimed at highlighting the importance to develop healthy eating habits such as nutrition workshops, healthy cooking classes, organic menus in featured restaurants, and sophisticated beauty treatments with fruits, chocolate or spices are some of the most anticipated this  year.

And to probe gastronomy is an art such as painting, design and literature, Gastrofestival Madrid crosses the borders of professional kitchens to offer guided visits to museums, special promos in fashion, as well as a cycle of cinema dedicated to food at the National Film Archive.

Gastrofestival programme:


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For a second year in a row the salmantine company Fermin, has been awarded gold in the United States Sofi Awards, by its Iberian smoked pancetta in the category of meats, pâtés and fish, beating the other two finalists, both based in the United States.

This edition of the Sofi Award, awarded annually to drinks and foods from around the world who stand out for their exceptional quality, was hosted by the Spanish chef José Andres, counting with nearly 2,000 aspirants.

"It has been an honor for us to receive such an important international award for the second time” says Santiago Martín, President of Fermín. “It recognizes our constant efforts to always ensure the highest quality in our products as well as to provide our consumers from around the world with the best service” 

Established in 1956, the family owned company who specializes in pork products was the first slaughterhouse in Spain certified to export of Iberian ham to the United States. A few years ago Fermín opened up its own subsidiary company in New York, FERMÍN USA, having chef José Andrés as a partner.

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A collaboration project between INTERACEITUNA and Extenda which aims at promoting Spanish table olives abroad is currently under way in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.The initiative focuses on three main action plans: public relations events with the media, promotion at points of sale at leading supermarkets, and online interactive actions via social media. As part of the initiative, Spanish chef Enrique Sánchez conducted a series of cooking shows in Bratislava and Prague in mid June where he delighted attendees with the extensive gastronomic potential of olives. The shows also featured interesting education workshops in which nutrition experts lectured participants on the nutritional benefits of Spanish olives.
The promotional activities carried out at POS include olive tastings and special gifts with the purchase of olives and are aimed to establish a direct link between quality and Spain. The project has its own website for the Slovakian public, as well as a Facebook page and Twitter account in which contests and games are carried out regularly.
The Spanish Olives Facebook page in the Czech Republic shows a significant activity, with more than 3,000 friends.

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The initiative, launched by the Gipuzkoa-based chef Andoni Luis Aduriz was born from the mere observation of the Spanish spray food market, with a reduced offer limited to whipped cream. The project, “a dream come true” for the popular chef, has counted with the economic support of the Basque Government, responsible for the 53% of the project’s financing. 

The company, focused on three main products for now, churros, pancakes and tempura dough, have already begun to distribute its goods through a leading national supermarket chain.

With a current production of 2,500 cans per hour and a 15-people staff, the objective of New Food Spray, as the young company has been named, is to extend its product range to pastry ingredients, creams, oil and vinegar, as well as to break into the catering industry and conquer foreign markets such as United States, Brazil, Portugal and Angola.

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Is there anything more satisfying for a cook than coming across a pan able to excel at browning and searing while making cleaning a breeze?

This stroke of luck is what Corby, a talented and devoted cook from El Dorado, California, has experienced while developing a crust on some delicious Latin Spiced Pork Tenderloins he was cooking for a weekend meal. Not to mention that the pan in question is part of a frittata set, so versatile that before you know it, cooking a Spanish potato omelet for that upcoming friends gathering, or flipping your Sunday’s pancakes in it will be part of a new routine in the house. 

At Magefesa we encourage you to meet Corby and his lovely wife and professional photographer Karen through the inspirational and beautiful blog they have created together. You’ll get instantly hooked!

Read the full article on: WE CALL HIM YES CHEF BLOG

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When we were first introduced to Victoria Amory at a fair event in NY, we got instantly captivated by her passion about good food, warm personality and excellent communication skills.
A devoted wife and loving mom to her husband and three boys, Victoria finds joy in developing tasty recipes for those she loves. She writes about food, entertaining and lifestyle for local and national magazines and newspapers such as Quest Magazine, Food & Wine, Miami Herald Home & Design Magazine and  Palm Beach Daily News,  being herself the author of  three books Delicious!, Delicious Flavors and Palm Beach Entertaining.
Born and raised in Spain, Victoria is the daughter of Count and Countess de la Maza, from whom she learnt the ins and outs of home entertaining etiquette, skills she would later mastered by hosting numerous corporate special events and chairing fundraising parties in New York. 
She now lives in Palm Beach, Florida, where she runs her brand new websitewww.victoriaamory.com , full of fabulous recipes and valuable information on cooking and lifestyle.
The following “Pressure cooker Lamb and Orange Tagine” is the first of a series of mouthwatering recipes she will be developing for us. Enjoy!

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