Punto final a la intensa ronda de Show Cookings liderada por el cocinero internacional Pacho Glez de Miguel en diferentes localizaciones de Lima. Durante los últimos diez días, la capital peruana ha sido testigo de la demostración culinaria del chef que ha utilizado una selección de productos Magefesa en la totalidad de los eventos.

Además de compartir diferentes recetas con los asistentes, haciendo una demostración en vivo y en directo, el profesional ha explicado con detalle el funcionamiento y uso de algunos productos de la marca. Ollas, sartenes, baterías de cocina y una gran variedad de utensilios de cocina han sido los protagonistas en la elaboración de sabrosos platos.

Tras el tiempo de preparación, el público tuvo la oportunidad de probar alguna de las creaciones y elaboraciones del cocinero. Sin duda una degustación de primera calidad que dejó a más de uno sin palabras.


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Wednesday, 18 May 2016 08:11

Magefesa en la Feria Hogarmanía 2016

La Feria Hogarmanía se ha consolidado como uno de los eventos más representativos para los amantes de los quehaceres del hogar. Dividida en varias secciones: gastronomía, bricolaje, decoración, jardinería y mascotas, esta feria es el marco ideal de entretenimiento para toda la familia.
En la edición 2016, Magefesa participa con un stand lleno de todos nuestros productos, desde la nueva línea de PAE (batidoras, tostadores, planchas, exprimidores, etc...) hasta la icónica olla a presión clásica "de toda la vida" y sus versiones súper rápidas más modernas. Además, los asistentes a la feria pudieron degustar unas excelentes tapas de la mano de nuestro Chef y asesor gastronómico Pacho Glez. De Miguel.
Por supuesto la feria contó con una clase de cocina en directo impartida por Karlos Arguiñano, imagen de Magefesa en su programa diario de cocina emitido en Antena 3, además de muchos otros talleres y demostraciones.
Más información sobre la Feria Hogarmanía 2016 pinchando AQUI

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The Nova skillet is the main figure of the recipe "Sautéed peas with prawns" cooked by Lidia from the blog "Atrapada en mi cocina".        
A simple and very tasty dish to test the high quality three-layer nonstick coating of our Nova skillets. Besides, its elegant stainless steel handle is kept cold even when exposed to high temperatures.

See full article

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It is available for 2 and 4 slices with a modern retro design that will perfectly fit in your kitchen,  you won’t be able to live without it!

Good Morning Toaster

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The new Voluta mixer with a stainless steel rotating bowl let you work more easily. The Mescolare hand mixer and Twist blender add a turbo speed switch to get the desired texture.
Magefesa  launches new models of mixers to promote home-made cooking. The new Voluta mixer, Mescolare hand mixer and the Twister and Mixto blenders are the new bet of the Company, with a new ergonomic design and easy to clean.
The Magefesa Voluta mixer/kneader with its 450 W power, 5-speed level and turbo speed switch is a great choice for beginners of the culinary arts.
The Voluta mixer also includes 2 whisks and 2 stainless steel rod mixers to help in a variety of tasks, from whipping egg whites to mix cake dough, cupcakes, cookies and bread. The Voluta and Voluta-bowl models are available at € 28.90 and € 49.90 respectively. 
MAGEFESA Mescolare mixers, inspired in the professional world, are equipped with a low noise high efficiency AC motor and 750 W. Apart from the measuring cup mixing bowl, the MESCOLARE MGF4123 PLUS 800 model incorporates an emulsifying whisk for desserts  and a chopper with "S" form blades for chopping meat, nuts, vegetables, etc. It is immediately available and the price of this product varies depending on the model, € 39.90 (Mescolare) and € 49.90 for the Mescolare Plus model with more features.
To prepare refreshing and nutritious fruit smoothies, Magefesa launches MGF4244 TWISTER 600 W and MGF4224 MIXTO 1000 W models, according to your needs. Its 1.5 l glass jug capacity and hermetic seal with window let you pour the ingredients inside comfortably while they are blended. No fruit or vegetable can resist this mixer with its 4 stainless steel blades. Choose that one that suits your taste, with stainless steel square base or white plastic round base, both with non slip feet and cord retractor included. The price of these mixers, Twister and Mixto models are € 44.90 and € 49.90 respectively. 

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Tuesday, 06 October 2015 10:16

Magefesa presents its new irons

The new Magefesa Quadfin, Alaia, Freeride and Carving iron models are inspired by surfing and skiing.

Magefesa, belonging to Rhointer Group since 2013, launches its new collection of steam irons to suit all kinds of garments. Magefesa has sought inspiration in two disciplines such as surfing and skiing to develop this range.
They are designed for both dry and steam ironing with ceramic –CeraMAG- or stainless steel –VaporMa-x soleplates ensuring a perfect sliding. Their constant vapor is within the range of 22 and 30 g / min and steam shot is boosted to 100g. Drip , anti-scale and self-cleaning system incorporated to prevent the accumulation of lime and increase equipment life.
The Quadfin iron has 2,200 W of power, a CeraMAG soleplate and  a 280 ml tank, while the Alaia model has a CeraMAG solpelate 2,500 W of power and a 350 ml tank.
The Freeride iron is equipped with a large VaporMax soleplate surface, it has 2500 W of power and a 300 ml tank. As for the Carving model, it offers 2,500 W, a 300 ml tank and a CeraMAG soleplate.
The retail prices of these products are 24,90 EUR (Quadfin model), 29.90 EUR(Alaia model); 32.90 EUR (Freeride model) and 34.90 EUR (Carving model).

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015 00:00

Magefesa hires Karlos Arguiñano

This way, the brand is naturally associated to the leader of the kitchen in the Spanish media. The cook will use the entire MAGEFESA kitchenware and appliances line in his daily cooking show. Furthermore, there will be an internal space of 120 seconds on Thursdays where an explicit mention of the products and brand promotion will be made.

This action is part of an ambitious marketing plan that the brand has designed to bring the small appliance back to the Spanish market.

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The brand joins the Football Club T-shirt with a sponsorship agreement for the next three seasons.
Magefesa logo will appear on the back of the T-shirt and also on the press panels of Nando Yosu and Sport Camps facilities, which will also feature static advertising.
This action is part of Magefesa great advertising campaign that aims to boost the return of the small appliance to market nationwide.

Please, click on the following link for more information: MAGEFESA WILL BE SPONSOR OF REAL RACING CLUB

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The new Magefesa Nova stainless steel coffee maker has just arrived to our online store in the States and our friends from the gastronomy blog "We call him chef yes" have already tried it. They have fallen in love with the 100% authentic taste of lifelong  coffee to be prepared accompanied by cream, ice cream, etc...

Do not miss the full article with impressions on Nova Coffee maker by clicking on the following link: "Magefesa NOVA Coffee maker - We call him yes chef!"

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Wednesday, 06 April 2011 11:08

"International Gourmet Fair 2011"

English and Continental breakfasts are familiar to everyone. Most hotels around the world provide the choice to their guests but, have you ever heard about the “Spanish Breakfast”?  I am sure you haven´t. Not yet… The idea was launched a few days ago by three Spanish chefs at the International Gourmet Fair, in Madrid. Olive oil, bread, dairy, fruit, ham and there you go, a 338-368 kcal breakfast packed with flavor and nutrients to get you going during the day.
For further information CLICK HERE

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