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Russian salad

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A collaboration project between INTERACEITUNA and Extenda which aims at promoting Spanish table olives abroad is currently under way in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.The initiative focuses on three main action plans: public relations events with the media, promotion at points of sale at leading supermarkets, and online interactive actions via social media. As part of the initiative, Spanish chef Enrique Sánchez conducted a series of cooking shows in Bratislava and Prague in mid June where he delighted attendees with the extensive gastronomic potential of olives. The shows also featured interesting education workshops in which nutrition experts lectured participants on the nutritional benefits of Spanish olives.
The promotional activities carried out at POS include olive tastings and special gifts with the purchase of olives and are aimed to establish a direct link between quality and Spain. The project has its own website for the Slovakian public, as well as a Facebook page and Twitter account in which contests and games are carried out regularly.
The Spanish Olives Facebook page in the Czech Republic shows a significant activity, with more than 3,000 friends.

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