The chef will conduct a live cooking show using a new Magefesa pressure cooker.

On Friday 7, at 5 pm, Professional Chef Pacho Gonzalez de Miguel will be participating in a live cooking show organized by Bravo supermarket chain. The event will take place at one of the Bravo locations, on Winston Churchill Avenue, corner with Heriberto Núñez, in the Nacional District, Santo Domingo.

The aim of the initiative is to show the audience how to cook some of the most traditional Spanish and Dominican dishes using a newly lunched anodized aluminum Magefesa pressure cooker. The pressure cooker model, named "Titán", made of an extremely durable material, allows shortening cooking times, saving energy.

Chef Pacho and his professional career

Francisco Miguel González, best known as "Pacho”, is one of the most popular chefs in today’s Cantabrian gastronomy scene, in Northern Spain. Trained at leading culinary schools in Spain, his professional career has developed in prominent restaurants throughout the country like the renowned"three-star Michelin" Arzak in San Sebastian.

With vast knowledge in many areas, both in the kitchen and at the table (an expert Iberico ham carver with ample expertise in wine tasting and pairing among many others), he has always combined his hands-on work in the kitchen with other food-related activities, appearing on numerous culinary TV programs, and coordinating kitchen activities in different gastronomy seminars and specialized trade fairs.

In 2012, given his popularity and extensive proven experience, MAGEFESA asks the chef to join the company as a product development advisor, working with the brand in the promotion of its products on social networking channels, trade fairs and special events.

Recipes and videos of the chef are available on the company’s website
and its YouTube channel

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