Magefesa revolutionizes  the Spanish & International gastronomy scene with the help of prestigious chef Pacho González De Miguel.

As well as being a kitchenware and small appliance leading brand  who offers some of the most competitive products in the market, at Magefesa we have taken our passion one step further providing  you with the most  delicious recipes to prepare with your Magefesa cookware.

We are proud to introduce our chef and culinary consultant Pacho González de Miguel, who will be in charge to teach us how to cook the yummiest and most versatile recipes. He will cover all cooking aspects: from simple stocks to accompany your recipes to the most fancy dishes for a more formal dinner. He will also give us valuable tips so we can master some of the most basic cooking techniques as well as giving expert advice on how to maintain your Magefesa products in optimal conditions. 

So if you don’t cook on a regular basis or you are not very skilled in the kitchen, don’t worry, Pacho is here to share both the joy of cooking and how to make tasty food that is simple and  easy to prepare!.

We hope you are as excited as we are with the arrival of chef Pacho to our team. Through our mainly diffusion channels, we will launch our new cooking sections under the expert eye of Pacho. & websites:

On both sites, you can find a wide selection of recipes organized by categories (appetizers, desserts, etc.), general guidelines on how to clean and maintain your  products  in optimal conditions and  some of the best kept cooking secrets!

Our wordpress blog is another place where we provide you with exclusive news as well as extended articles about Magefesa products and suitable recipes to make the most of your cookware.

Youtube Channel:

Our chef Pacho will give us  step by step instructions on how to prepare featured recipes,  with some tutorial videos on both easy and  more elaborate meal.


As we always do on Facebook, we will keep you up to date with the latest cooking news and bring you  the most innovative recipes, as well as running great contest and promotions for our fans and friends.

Soon we will be launching a new section: Ask Pacho, where all of you will have the  chance to ask our  expertise chef  Pacho all the questions about  the recipes, preparation  process of the dishes, cooking tips and techniques…. so that your dishes come out perfect!.


Another Magefesa communication channel for those who don´t have a facebook  account and want to be in touch with us.

So you are all invited to enjoy our new gastronomy sections! Hoping we can help you to improve your cooking skills and encourage you to get more experimental in the kitchen so you can surprise your family and friends with new, exciting textures and flavors!.

The 2012 Walmart exhibition, held in Guatemala, will be the scenario for the launch of newly improved Magefesa products in Central America. 

The event, the largest sale exhibition in this part of the world, offers both the manufacturers and distributors the chance to meet and close profitable distribution agreements at an international scale through the prominent supermarket chain, with the assistance of more than 1,000 executives and Walmart buyers who will meet with the representatives of the participant brands from around the world.

Magefesa, as a leading and representative brand of Spanish household goods overseas, will take part at the event with its timeless, best selling products.
The pressure cooker will take an important role at the show for its quality and design “made in Spain” with the best conditions of durability and usability. As a representative of its line of pressure cookers the company will  display in a prominent place at the stand efficiency icon : Practika Plus.

This super fast pressure cooker, made of stainless steel, beats records when it comes to cooking times, reduced by up to 70% when compared to traditional stovetop cooking methods.  It is compatible with all kinds of hobs including induction, and very safe thanks to its five safety mechanisms: automatic locking system, pressure sensor, its safety and regulating valves, and a lid window. A must-have cooking tool every kitchen should have in today’s modern world. 

At Magefesa we are proud to have loyal  customers throughout many countries in Central and South America, and make sure our quality and long lasting ” made in Spain” products  reach every corner of the world.

The International Home and Houseware Show in Chicago (IHHS) is the most important in the country and one of the most important shows in the world. In its latest edition, it gathered 2,100 companies from over 40 countries, a 4 day event where vendors and industry professionals meet each year.

According to Derek Millar, Vice-President of International Housewares Association(IHA): "the International Home and Housewares Show has become a market  who is driven by design, promising to attract  many new international buyers interested in introducing new designs and trends in their own markets".

The fair, known for its careful organization, is structured around several pavilions, distributed in the following way: a cookware pavilion, another for small household appliances, and the one reserved to organization and maintenance purposes. On the previous edition renowned Chefs had a prominent role at the fair, where they could be seen doing demonstrations with different products from pots and pressure cookers to basic everyday kitchen utensils. Not to mention the exceptional venue at impressive Mc Cormick Place, definitely a plus for attendees.

As every year, Magefesa will take part on the show, introducing the latest in cookware and promoting the health benefits of Mediterranean cuisine from exhibitor number.

For the occasion, Magefesa will exhibit its most emblematic products, from pressure cookers and cookware sets to tableware and teapots, and will launch two new exciting products: a convenient frittata pan and traditional Spanish polished steel paella pans, hoping they will delight the American public.

The Spanish brand will also introduce its new gastronomic adviser: Pacho Gonzalez de Miguel, a renowned Spanish chef with more than twenty years of experience. Being part of the development and innovation process of the Mediterranean cuisine, he has worked in many restaurants throughout the country. Always surrounded by great professionals he has provided his particular vision of the international and Spanish cuisine from their different perspectives and develop the ability to know what ingredients would best suit each dish, as well as master the most refined culinary techniques.

As the culinary expertise of the company, Pancho will cook some the most sophisticated yet simple to make recipes, using the brand products. He will also show attendees the versatility of certain products such as the pressure cooker, converted now into a multi-functional tool who can cook traditional stews cook and many other dishes like a fish cake that you would never imagine preparing in it.

In our ongoing please our loyal American customers, Magefesa will have chef Pacho preparing some of the countries’ favorite dishes, cooked in the healthiest way possible with our products. He will also play an important role at the fair by offering practical advice on how to use and care for our products, as well as answering any questions regarding the preparation of both  the  traditional American  and Spanish recipes featured on the show.

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