Canary beans Tacu-tacu with sautéed onion, chicken and vegetables

Canary beans Tacu-tacu with sautéed onion, chicken and vegetables, 	Tacu-tacu de frijoles canarios con encebollado de pollo y verduras  INGREDIENTS

    • 400 gr. Boiled canary beans.
    • 1 Onion. 
    • 2 Carrots.
    • 1 Leak.
    • 250 gr. Boiled white rice.
    • 2 Red onions.
    • 2 Garlic cloves.
    • 1 Green peppers.
    • 100 gr. Broccoli.
    • 100 gr. Green beans.
    • 2 Chicken breast steaks.
    • 2 Tablespoon soya sauce.
    • 1 Tablespoon ají pepper paste.
    • Mild olive oil, 0,4º.
    • Salt.
    • Black pepper.


                    Prepare some boiled beans with an onion, carrot, leak, salt and pepper. Use preferably beans boiled the previous day. The white rice is boiled in water with salt and a little olive oil for 20 min. in a rice cooker, drain and keep. Chop one red onion and garlic cloves into fine brunoise. Heat some olive oil up in a Nonstick Ceramic Skillet, add the onion and clove and sauté. 
                    When the onion is done to perfection, add the rice and sautéed moderately-high heat until brown. Add beans to the lightly fried vegetables and sauté and mix rice thoroughly with beans until we get it gets an omelette appearance with a brown crunchy crust and a juicy inside. For the chicken cooked with onions and vegetables we can follow the recipe “wok sautéed chicken”. Serve the tacu-tacu with chicken an onion over it.
                    Tacu-tacu is a Creole, it is generally served with coated pork meat, fried banana and eggs. 

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